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13 Ways for COZY Fall

Hey Friends and Happy Saturday!

As many of you know I am obsessed with anything FALL.

For me Fall starts when kids go back to school in September. This is the time that I start putting pumpkins and fall decor out, drinking and eating everything pumpkin flavored.

Below are 13 was we make fall just a little bit cozier over here at our house...

#1 Mums

Just add them to your porch. They are such a fall staple.

#2 Lamps

Instead of using our ceiling lights, we opt out for more mellow lighting.

#3 Candles

My current favorites are from Trader Joes... Vanilla Pumpkin and Woodlands... Smell amazing!

#4 Steve Tyrell on Spotify

This station is on at our house constantly.

#5 Fall Bouquet

Trader Joes is my go- to for flowers... This is the most recent bouquet that I purchased.

#6 Pumpkin Spice Creamer

I look forward to this creamer all year long.

#7 Tea

I am a heavy tea drinker all year, but once it gets cooler outside I am all about it. This is my go to.. Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

#8 Good Book

This is what I am currently reading. I love reading in bed at night.

#9 Crockpot Dinners

I love when the whole house smells like dinner cooking, we tend to use our crockpot for fall a lot.

You can read all about our dinners in our weekly meal plans.

#10 Add Fall Decor

Pumpkins, neutrals and browns are my go -to's for fall decor. If you missed it you can read all about my decor HERE

#11 Cinnamon Brooms

These are currently in our cars and smell amazing.

#12 Watch Fall Movies

Right now, Justin and I are in a season of our life where we don't have much time to watch movies. But when we do its usually something that is on Netflix. Most recent movie we watched was Reptile, which I fell asleep to.

#13 Change Out Your Scents

The perfume that I wear in the summer is different from the one that I wear in fall and winter. This year I am going from Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia to Replica By The Fireplace by Maison Margiela.

I would LOVE to know what you all do to make YOUR fall the coziest! Please comment and share!



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