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Choosing Gratitude

Happy Friday Friends!

First off don't forget to catch up on My Top Travel Tips.

Also today the kids have the day off from school so I have something special planned for them for the day!

Before we go about our day, I want to share all about my 2024 personal goal and that is Choosing Gratitude and continuing to write out my gratitude list everyday.

I was inspired by Rachel Hollis to start a gratitude journal about three years ago and to this day I compile a list of what I am grateful for every single day.

The one thing that she talks about with this gratitude list is to make it really specific. For example, I am grateful for my hot cup of coffee this morning, or I am grateful for Nikola learning to read. It can be super simple or whatever you really choose the list is endless and remember this is for YOU.

"...practicing gratitude is something that we can do every day to spread light into the world starting from your own life at home. We encourage everyone to start their day with gratitude because it is the nourishment we need to grow in this time the world is giving us " Rachel Hollis

I am choosing to start my day with a grateful heart and what I hope to get out of this is more optimism, resilience, patience, grace, and just to find more good in the world...

Here is to reaching our 2024 goals friends!



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