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Europe For The Holidays

As promised, I am blogging about our winter vacation to Serbia.

This was the very first time I went back to my home country to spend the holidays and it was exactly what I needed to replenish my soul.

We have been planning to make this trip for a few years now but we finally decided December 2023 was the perfect time to do it.

The most important part of this trip was spending time with my whole family and doing things we normally do not do when we visit which is usually in the summer.

We decided since we are traveling for so many hours on the plane that its only worth it if we stay for four weeks and really do it right which needed a lot of planning and packing for what we thought was going to be a super cold and snowy vacation. Instead it ended up being a warm and super sunny few weeks until we had to leave.. 🥶🥶🥶

Oh and we are still waiting for our luggage to arrive. 😅

Enjoying the most amazing view and feeling so blessed that we finally made it! Cheers! 🥂

The whole flight over Nikola was complaining about a tummy ache.. By the time we got to Belgrade he was feeling worse than he did on the plane so we decided to leave him with baba and deda and us three go and visit our favorite park Kalemegdan.

We waited until Nikola felt better to go to Zlatibor, my parents cabin is one of our favorite places on Earth!

So much hiking and exploring...

But the horse rides are the best!

We spent a couple of days in Zlatibor but really wanted to leave Serbia and go to a different country and experience Christmas. We decided since Romania is only about two hours away from Belgrade that Timisoara sounded like a great plan, and you guys it was better than expected. The food was amazing, the Christmas decor was gorgeous and the entire energy of the place was so inviting!

The following day was Christmas, we wanted it to be special because we are not home spending it with Justin's family we went to our favorite restaurant in Belgrade.

A few days after, we drove back to Zlatibor to celebrate NYE and Bozic (Orthodox Christmas). NYE -we were basically all sick with the stomach bug and were not feeling good at all.

But for Bozic we did all the traditional Serbian things. It was great to create those core memories with the kids!

The day after Bozic we headed back to Belgrade to get ready and head to Zvornik which is in Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit my extended family and celebrate my cousin's 18th birthday.

Zvornik will always have my heart. ❤️

Sister and my cousins Vuk and Eva at Eva's 18th. This birthday is a big deal to celebrate and usually people throw big parties.

Spa Day at Vidikovac Hotel where we stayed.

We ended our trip by visiting the Nikola Tesla Museum. This is a must see! The kids had a blast and it was so informative for all four of us.

Leaving Belgrade was nuts! Our flights got cancelled and delayed, but we made the most of it. 🥰

The photo below is 3am at Washington DC Dulles Airport.

It was a great trip to relax, replenish and just change our environment for a while. I am so thankful we were able to spend time with my parents and family as well as visit different places around the balkans!

Thats it my friends! I hope you are enjoying your day!


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