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Europe Trip

Hello my favorite people!

As I promised, I am writing about our trip and trying to keep you in the loop of how everything is going with us!

First off, I love traveling to Beograd for many many reasons. Primarily, because my parents live here and we miss them and love them so much!

Today is our 4th day here in Belgrade or Beograd, Serbia and its amazing like always. And really no jet lag in either me or the kids which I am sooo happy about!

We began our flight from Portland into Amsterdam, had a 10 hour layover (ugh I know), then we made it to Beograd.

When we got here it was around midnight, so the next day, we woke up and made our way to Knez Mihailova which is a very touristy street with shopping, different restaurants and cafes.

The day after which was day 2, we basically stayed in and had my cousin Marija over, which was such a treat for me!

We had dinner, drank really good white wine and just chatted late into the night.

On day three we went to Dunav River, had dinner at a fish restaurant, walked along the river then had a coffee at a splav which is a houseboat that is a restaurant.

Day 4 we are currently in Zvornik, Bosnia visiting my extended family and my grandparents. This tends to be my favorite part of the trip, just going back to where I grew up and it just brings back so many memories which I love to share with my kids!

Oh BTW we stopped to get some very good coffee! Even though it comes from a gas station.. but truly really good!

Alright guys, I will be updating my blog every few days to let you know what we are up to!

Happy Saturday!



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