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Gratitude Tuesday: Summer's Simple Joys

Hello, lovely readers!

Welcome to another Gratitude Tuesday!

Today, I'm bursting with joy and gratitude for the delightful moments summer brings. Let's dive into a few special highlights that have filled my heart lately.

Even the kids are into their gratitude and morning grounding.

Early Morning Coffee in the Backyard

There's nothing quite like starting the day with a hot cup of coffee in the backyard. As the sun rises and the world wakes up, I savor these peaceful moments before the kids are up. The fresh morning air and chirping birds set a perfect, serene backdrop for some quiet reflection and a positive start to the day.

Pool Time Fun

Pool time is an absolute blast for Eva and Nikola. Watching them splash, laugh, and show off their swimming and cannonballs fills our days with joy and excitement. It's our go-to summer activity, and it's perfect for cooling off and creating unforgettable memories together.

Summer Meals

Summer brings a bounty of delicious, fresh food. We've been enjoying vibrant salads, juicy watermelons, and fun BBQs with friends. There's something about summer meals that feels extra special and festive, making every bite a celebration. Enjoy this week's meal plan ⬇️

Embracing the Moments

These simple summer moments remind me to slow down and appreciate the present. Life with two energetic kids can be hectic, but taking time to enjoy these little pleasures keeps me grounded and grateful. 🙏🏼

So, here's to more sunny days, poolside fun, and savoring every beautiful moment.

I hope your summer is filled with joy and gratitude too!

Until next time, stay joyful and grateful!



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