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Meal plan Monday 07.25

Hi friends!!

I usually do my meal planning on Sundays along with Justin and the kids.

I love to get input from them because, well #1 it helps me when they have an idea of their own, #2 it gets them involved and #3 I know that if its their idea, they are more likely to be excited for it, at least in my experience.

Monday: Potato Bowls - I don't normally use a recipe for this just because I want to use up all of my older ingredients from last week that are left over.

Tonight I will be air frying potatoes, marinating some chickpeas in EOO with balsamic and different herbs, mashing up avo, and topping it off with salsa. Super simple and delish!

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken with an air fried side - This one also I wont be using a recipe. Justin will be grilling the chicken, and I will be air frying some sort of vegetable to go with it.

Wednesday: Pesto Pasta (Eva's idea) - Cook pasta, add Genova pesto from Trader Joes. The pasta will be for the kids, for Justin and I we replace the noodles with spaghetti squash.

Thursday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches (Will be making a bigger batch of pulled pork so we can use it tomorrow)

Friday: Pulled Pork Tacos (Meat from yesterday) - Grab shells, and add meat and toppings.

Saturday: Salmon Bowls - One of our faves

Sunday: Left overs - We really do love our leftover here at the Wright household!


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