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Weekly Recap 10.09

Good morning friends!

It is currently 7am here, and I am doing my morning rituals with my coffee, to-do list, and of course my morning quiet time while the rest of the fam is sleeping!

This past week has been busy busy! Justin started a new job that he was adjusting to, and I was adjusting to getting the kids to and from school, cooking dinners, cleaning, volunteering, etc!

TBH we are ALL adjusting around here, especially since for the two weeks prior to last, he was just hanging out and helping me with all the things above!


I started a new workout plan which I happened to find on Pinterest..

The Day 1 I did on Monday and was extremely sore from it, like sore to the point where it was painful to walk up and down the stairs so I haven't done another day of this since that day, but I did walk! I promise I will get back into it.. I really think it is a good workout, and a disclaimer - I am not a professional at any of this I just do what I think MY body needs.

You guys we also went to Target for some Halloween costume shopping! For that one you will have to wait and see on October 31st!

Speaking of Halloween, we did some decorating of the house for fall/Halloween!

I feel like I am not 100% done with the decor, only because I like to buy things as I see them! Like I would buy one thing here or there. For example we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got the cutest velvet pumpkins, a pumpkin cookie jar and a light up pumpkin ALL for 50% off!

Decor is coming together slowly but surely and I am all here for it!!

We also tried a new recipe..

I hacked the recipe by using 2 heads instead of 3 heads of garlic and for my family's taste it was wayyyyy too garlicy!

Next time I am doing just maybe a few cloves, because I do love butternut squash soup and this recipe was really easy!

Anyone here love the public library???

For us it is the perfect activity to do so we frequent the library often. When it rains here, this is all we do! Nikola and I went and he grabbed tons of books to read with sister.. They are the sweetest! 👇

This week at Eva's school was Jog-A-Thon! HUGEEEE thank you to everyone that donated!!!

Being part of this event was so much fun and I am so grateful to be able to volunteer at the kids schools and be a part of the community!

Last night guys I went to a happy hour with my very good friend Angie!

We had the best time at the Matador and ate such yummy tacos and had the most delicious margaritas!

When I came back the kiddos were outside doing sidewalk chalk and had the sweetest drawings!

Alright thats a wrap for the week!

Hope you guys have an amazing Sunday!



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