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Weekly Recap 10.30

Hey hey!

Im not sure about you guys, but days are flying by over here.

Jelena and Rade left on Thursday which I am super bummed about. But their last night here we went bowling and had the best time EVER!!!

We also were able to squeeze in a workout at Orange Theory after dropping Nikola off at school. You guys I had such a good workout and the coach was amazing so I decided to join officially.

I start my classes tomorrow, so I will let you know how that goes!

Eva did not have school on Thursday or Friday so on Thursday we decided to go to the park while we had a break in the rain and saw the nastiest looking animal EVER. It was basically just a huge rat looking thing that was eating something in the grass. Come to find out it was a nutria. 🤢

Friday came, Eva and I dropped Nikola off at school then we went and had breakfast at Cafe Lugano! It is a super cute place with yummy food.

We used this opportunity for Eva to practice sight words.

Saturday was a super cozy day for us, Justin and I binged Yellowstone. Which if you haven't watched, I highly recommend! We are super excited Season 5 is coming out.

The kids were being just them silly selves and were playing up a storm!

For dinner I made lasagna with garlic bread which we are having leftovers for tonight.. It was so good-- Even though their faces may or may not show it 👇 😆

These kids crack me up!

We are ending this week with our dance practice at church along with our meal prep and getting ready for next week!

Hope you all have an amazing Sunday, tune in tomorrow for some yummy meal prep meals!



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