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Weekly Update 08.21

Hey friends!

I have been having technical difficulties with my post today 😩 I literally wrote my whole entire post, and then it ended up not saving 😭😭😭. I literally am about to cry as im sitting here writing it over again..

Anyway, we are here in Pula, Croatia we have been having a great time at my mom's brother's house.

He has been the BEST host and we are so grateful and thankful for him to let us stay at his condo!

So, we decided to come out here last Tuesday but I caught a stomach bug and we had to postpone until Thursday.

When we got here on Thursday we got in late. It took us about 9 hours to get here with all the bathroom breaks, rest stops, and border patrol. That night we just had dinner and pretty much crashed.

Friday was our first full day here and it started off with walking to the city center which was less than a mile away for some morning coffee and breakfast. Then our plan was to go swim at the beach. Unfortunately the waves were so high and powerful that we decided we couldn’t swim in that kind of water. When it calmed down a little bit my dad took Eva in for a swim because she was begging him to go in.

But other than that we just sat at the edge of the water and got splashed by waves 😊

Saturday was a much more fun day for everyone actually! We woke up, had coffee, ate breakfast and decided to go and test out another beach.

OMG you guys, this beach was amazing!! Super calm, warm and it was just the perfect beach to swim at. Which we didn't realize at the time but we spent hours swimming. The kids loved it because it was shallow enough for them to stand but still be able to swim around.

At this point I feel like sunbathing is not really an option for me, unless its for 2-5 minutes. If I am laying down I am constantly sitting up making sure the kids are okay and safe.

Anyway after our beach day we went to the Pula Arena, which is the 6th oldest Roman amphitheater and a total must-see!

Highlight of our day was Eva losing her 1st tooth!!!

Alright guys, today was pretty spectacular.. After our mussel and oyster breakfast 😏 we went to the Brioni National Park! It was nothing short of amazing..

I didn't know too much about the park, so all of us decided to go on a guided tour. We drove to Fazana which is about 5 miles from Pula to get picked up by a ferry to take us to the Brioni Islands. Brioni was residential to Josip Broz Tito- former president of Yugoslavia.

When we got to the island, we took a train around the island and saw many villas or mansions, amazing beachfronts, a golf course, a zoo, and many plants and trees that have been on the island for centuries, along with the 3rd oldest olive tree in the world. I mean, this president definitely lived the most luxurious life.

Alright friends, thats all for this week! Hope you have a great Sunday! X


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