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Okay friends, so today I am not writing a meal plan for the week (because lets face it I am on vacay), but I am talking about our trip to Zvornik, where I spent about 6 years before we moved to the US.

It was so good to see all of my family, I feel the I myself am so rejuvenated when I get to spend time just talking with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

All of this time is spent drinking good coffee, eating yummy Serbian food, and eating delish pastries.

We spent Sunday with my mom's side of the family in a little suburb outside of Zvornik called Ekonomija.

My mom's sister with her family lives there and so does my mom's brother with his family. My grandfather, my mom's dad lives there as well.

This is a nice suburb where the kids can just run around, pick veggies in the garden, feed the chickens and pigs!

We also got to play with cousins and just enjoy time together.

In Zvornik, we stayed with my dad's mom which is always such a treat to be in the city and be able to walk along the river, go get drinks at cafes, and buy popcorn at a stand as you walk in the pedestrian zone. We also got to meet my cousin's new baby Lana, who is the most precious babe ever!

But my favorite is waking up in the morning, drinking my coffee along with a black walnut liquor (that my baba-grandma in Serbian) makes.- pictured below.

Now we are back in Beograd, getting ready for our next adventure!

Talk to you soon friends!



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